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We’ve created this website and blog platform for fellow “boomers” to share and discover their paths to a more active, healthy and purposeful journey through life’s next chapters.

GoBoomerLifestyle.com and the GoBoomerLifestyle Instagram feed are the places for all of us to share our stories and help others find direction, purpose and fulfillment in these exciting years ahead.

We are Michael and Karen, the creators of GoBoomerLifestyle. Having recently celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary and now into our second year of “retirement” in our mid-60’s, we’ve been taking time to reflect on how to make these coming years as active, fulfilling and productive as possible.

Far from “retiring” into our “golden years” in the comfort of a well-worn recliner chair in front of another sit-com on television, we are determined to seek out more active, healthy and purposeful pursuits to fill our days. We by no means claim to have all the answers and hope this forum will be a shared platform for us all to learn from each other, and celebrate together, those who are determined to make the most of our time ahead.

There were 77 million “Baby Boomers” born in the US between 1946 and 1964.

The first “boomers” reached 65 and their retirement years in 2012, and over 10,000 reach that age every day now. Many have a plan to continue to lead active, healthy and purposeful lives. Many struggle with “what’s next?”

GoBoomerLifestyle is a content-rich blog site and Instagram platform for Boomers to share their stories to help others find direction, purpose and fulfillment in this next chapter of their lives.

Michael's Profile

A “retired” marketing and communications executive, Michael now balances his days with fitness, family, writing and consulting.

Triathlon, golf, sailing and flyfishing are his main “active” pursuits. He has competed in over 30 triathlons in the past seven years, including a 140.6 mile Ironman distance race in 2014. He placed 11th in the 2014 United States Triathlon Association “Half Ironman” Distance National Championships and qualified for TEAM USA and the World Championships in Sweden that year.

He and Karen travel extensively to see new parts of the world and to visit their children who have migrated across the country to Boulder, Colorado and Portland, Oregon. In the fall of 2018, they plan to visit the National Parks of Colorado and Utah. In 2019, they are finalizing plans with friends to travel to Ireland.

Michael is a novelist and recently published his fourth book of historical fiction, mystery and suspense. His first novel, The Seasons of the EmmaLee, was published in 2005, and continues to rank #1 on Amazon in its genre category. The first draft of his next novel was recently completed and currently is in the final stages of editing for release later in 2018.


Be Active in retirement

Michael and Karen with Will in Cross Village, Michigan

Karen's Profile

Following a long career as a retail buyer and later as a relocation consultant, Karen has kept active throughout her adult life. Her early years included skiing and sailboat racing with her husband, Michael.

Over the years, she’s embraced the sports of golf, kayaking and most recently, Pickleball. She also keeps an active calendar of fitness classes.

Perhaps her favorite way to get out and get moving is taking her English Setter, Will, for long walks in town and hiking at nearby park trails. She is a big fan of the country’s national parks and has hiked many of their trails with friends and family. She plans to return to the many Utah and Colorado national parks soon.

Following an alarmingly high cholesterol count, she went all-in on a plant-based nutrition program that focuses on whole foods, vegetables and fruits and eliminates meat, fish and dairy. She’s seen her cholesterol count come down substantially without the use of drugs and her overall health, weight and positive spirit have all been impacted positively.

To keep her mind challenged, she is active with a monthly book group and is intensely committed to learning the game of Bridge. She believes strongly in giving back to her community and positively impacting the lives of others and is involved in several charitable causes as a volunteer.


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