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Embracing a Baby Boomer active lifestyle includes finding hobbies, interests, activities and passions that will not only keep us busy in these exciting years ahead, but also more fit, healthy and better able to deal with the stresses that aging will place on our bodies.

The possibilities are endless, but we would suggest starting with hobbies, exercise, fitness and travel.

The blog will be providing numerous suggestions and we will also be posting stories from fellow “boomers” in their “Active” journeys and activities. (See the Contact/Submissions page.)

From our profiles on the “About” page, you will see that Karen and I have many interests to stay active as we begin navigating these next years.

We both enjoy taking long walks with our English Setter, Will. (He also likes boat rides up at the lake.) I’ve been involved for many years competing in triathlons which include swimming, biking and running. I also compete in half and full marathon running races.

Karen is also very serious about her fitness and enjoys many variations of fitness classes at our YMCA. Together, we enjoy hiking, golf, Hobie Cat sailing and the growing sport of PickleBall.

Retirement also affords us more time for travel. In the recent past, we’ve enjoyed trips to visit our grown children in Boulder, Colorado and Portland, Oregon. We have a trip planned soon to the West again to visit and hike the National Parks of Colorado and Utah. In 2019, we have plans coming together to join friends for a tour of Northern Ireland.

Whatever your passions and interests, we strongly encourage you to make time every day in those pursuits!

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