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Our doctors would likely advise that our future health is determined by our lifestyle and diet, but also by genetic and hereditary factors. Some of this may be out of our control, but we believe we must make all efforts to control our lifestyle and nutrition to maximize our good health as long as we can.

The “Be Healthy” blog posts on will include insights on a wide range of physical and mental health related topics. At the forefront, will be great shared content on how to embrace a more healthy diet and nutrition program. Many doctors now believe that our diets can have tremendous impact on maintaining our good health, and in some cases, even reverse the ravages of poor nutrition earlier in our lives.

We will be sharing great content from these health professionals to help you make good decisions about the food choices you make. Karen and I have embraced a plant-based, whole foods nutrition program that has been proven to not only control your weight, but also your overall health.

Our mental health is equally important.

The blog posts will also share content from professionals and those who deal with issues like depression, stress and anxiety. We will also explore the many facets of Mindfulness, Meditation, Faith and a “healthy” financial base to build our lives upon.

Again, if you’re interested in submitting blog posts on any of these topics, see our Contact/Submissions page.

At, one of the three pillars of our blog on how to live a more fulfilling life in our “boomer” years, is the broad topic of “Be Healthy”. Of...
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