As 10,000 Baby Boomers reach 65 every day now, and what may be the beginning of their “retirement” years, who wouldn’t want to embrace the benefits of a more active and healthy lifestyle and lead more purposeful and fulfilling years in this next phase of our lives?

Many “boomers” have formal or informal plans to do exactly that, but many find themselves asking, “What’s next?”

At the website and blog, and at the GoBoomerLifestyle Instagram feed, we are creating a forum and platform for fellow “boomers” to come together and share our journeys. We’ve created three “pillars” in this pursuit with the following categories of activities under each.

Be ActiveExercise, Fitness, Travel, Hobbies

Be Healthy  – Diet, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Faith, Finances

Be Purposeful  – Find your Passion, Embrace your Family, Give Back, Continue to Learn

Within each of these pillars, we will continue to provide content, advice, tips, tools and resources to explore the Go Boomer”  lifestyle. We will also be reaching out to you and others to share their own journeys and insights.  We are sure these categories will continue to grow and your suggestions will be much appreciated.

You can reach out to us at with feedback and your own blog post submissions for us to review. We can’t publish everything that comes in, but promise to share as much valuable content as we can.

You can also find us at the GoBoomerLifestyle Instagram feed to see our latest photos and content for all of our “active”, “healthy” and “purposeful” pursuits. Use #goboomerlifestyle to share the feed with your other followers and use the #’s of #goboomerlifestyle and #beactivebehealthybepurposeful to share your own posts.

Go Boomers!

Michael and Karen