At, one of the three pillars of our blog on how to live a more fulfilling life in our “boomer” years, is the broad topic of “Be Healthy”. Of course, who wouldn’t want to lead a more healthy life? Unfortunately, many of us make decisions every day about the way we live that directly lead to health complications.  As we age, Baby Boomers will face growing health care challenges.

The quote, “let food by thy medicine”, attributed to Hippocrates, supports the premise now endorsed by a growing number of doctors and health professionals that eating a plant-based, whole foods diet not only can help prevent some of the most serious health ailments plaguing older adults including heart disease and diabetes, but can also help reverse the effects of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices.”

“How not to die.”
Dr. Michael Greger is one of the leading advocates of this growing trend. In his bestselling book, “How Not To Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease”, Dr. Greger presents a compelling case and detailed account on how to focus on plant-based, whole foods to stay healthy and address current health issues.

How Not To Die; Michael Greger MD

How Not to Die from Michael Greger, MD

The basic premise is really quite simple. Processed foods, meats and dairy products contain chemicals and ingredients that compromise our body’s health. Plant-based, whole foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and legumes nourish our system and can even help reverse years of neglect and poor eating.

Diet vs. Statins

Following her last health assessment and lab tests, Karen found an alarming increase in her cholesterol counts. Her doctor discussed prescription statins as an option. Karen decided to embrace the plant-based, whole foods nutrition regimen outlined by Dr. Greger, and in just three months saw a 50-point decline in her cholesterol count without using statin drugs that come with their own side effects and health risks. (Certainly, consult with your own physician as interrupting a current statin regimen has its own risks.)

We strongly recommend you read Dr. Greger’s book. He specifically addresses a wide range of health maladies and suggests nutritional approaches to prevent and in some cases, even reverse symptoms of these diseases.

“Go Boomers!”